What is automated trading?

Automated Trading alludes to totally programmed trading, where the trades are placed on the basis of pre – defined set of Buy / Sell conditions, as per the ability & experience of the strategist.

How does automated trading work for Indian capital markets ?

What are the advantage(s) of Automated Trading ?

The most important advantage of Automated Trading is, ” Conquering the Challenges of Manual Trading” .  The greatest difficulty a trader faces is deciding when to pull the trigger.  For those who have struggled in the past or never mustered the courage to trade on their own, an automated system,  by removing human emotions,  offers them an alternative to a market they otherwise would not have considered.


The other advantages are :

  • Ability to Back Test.
  • Preserve Discipline.
  • Faster Order Entry.
  • Diversified Trading.
  • Etc.

How does Algo Desk benefit me?

Algo Desk is by far the most advanced Robo Trading Platform in our country.  Developed with the vision of highly experienced analysts and traders, Algo Desk benefits you with :

  • Most economical s/w in terms of price ……Costs less than Rs. 1,000/- p.m. if subscribed annually.
  • Faster Execution.
  • Ability to execute all order types – Limit order , Market Order , Stop Loss Order.
  • Placing Target & Stop Loss as per points per lot & percentage at the time of partial profit booking.
  • Scale In  –  Scale  Out.
  • One  Click  Trading.
  • User Friendly s/w with best User Interface.
  • Ability to read Buy / Sell signals & place orders from all charting softwares.
  • Suitable for both Intra – day as well as Positional Traders.
  • Additional Security Measure to verify the correct symbol , before order placement.
  • Portable Application , auto updation in client’s  version after updation by admin. No need to download & install updated version.
  • Compatible for Auto Trading with All brokers.
  • No need to open browsers like Chrome, etc………connect to your broker’s website anytime with our in-built technique…………just enter the website of your broker and get connected in Algo Desk itself.
  • Able to handle exceptional situations when the brokers terminal is slow or unresponsive.

Which exchanges does Algo Desk support?

Algo Desk is a powerful s/w , with ability to fire trades in all types of Indian exchanges viz Nse Cash, F&O, Currency and Commodity trading in MCX, provided the Buy / Sell signals are being generated via any strategy development platform.

Does Algo Desk provide me with any automated trading strategy?

Generally, we provide the Robo Trading software only, without any strategy.  But soon, we are coming up with our Multi – Account or Dealer Version. In case someone wishes to work on our strategy, then he / she must open his account under us.  Due to the risk of our strategy getting cracked or hacked, we do not install it on any other system. But prior to trading on our strategy one has to take the risk of capital drawdown which is inherited in trading and other IT risk factors which are integral part of automated trading due to which you may incur loss.  Algo Desk, in any case, will not be responsible for any financial or personal losses.

Which broker does Algo Desk support ?

Algo Desk is compatible with almost all trading terminals. Therefore, one has the privilege to integrate it with all brokers. Along with this, we also provide customized solutions as per individual requirements.

Can Algo Desk code a strategy for me ?

Yes of course. With our team of efficient coders, we provide our clients the facility to get their trading ideas programmed at a reasonable price.  We can code a strategy for you to provide Buy / Sell signals from  platforms like Amibroker, Ninja Trader, MT 4, Python and Excel.