In today’s complex trading environment, Electronic and Algorithmic trading have become an essential part of the mainstream trading to move large blocks of quantity with minimum market impact. With electronic trading platforms becoming increasingly sophisticated, more cost-effective measures need to be taken, to make it affordable to the retail client.

Algo Desk, gives you One Stop Solution, by taking into account all the prerequisites, of Automation.

With a group of profoundly experienced Analysts, Traders, Strategists and Developers, who themselves started their vocation as a fresher and have operated various Algo Trading Platforms, we recognize the essentials of all classification of traders whether it be Retail or Institutional.

Hence, providing the most advanced Robo Trading Platform till date, having the ability to read signals & place orders from all platforms, viz Amibroker, Python, Excel, MT4 etc,  with a commitment to provide further advancement as well.

Algo Desk continues to take the endeavor every day, to provide outstanding service in the field of Automated Trading , Equity Technical & Derivatives , Research & Training.

Takeaways of our Training Programs

Our renowned training programs will allow you to:

  • Change your perception towards Capital Markets.
  • Know When to Trade by identifying the right trading opportunities  & When to stand aside.
  • Distinguish the defining moments of the market.
  • Capture more winning trades, than Losing Trades.
  • Never allow Catastrophic Losses.
  • Able to understand the correct use of Technical Indicators, with their trade setups in our Advance & Expert Courses which focuses on picking Multi – Bagger stocks, Short Term Cash & Future Trades, Intra – Day Trade Set ups and Rigorous Multi Time Frame Analysis.
  • Automate your trading ideas, so that you can leave to the system to trade on your behalf.
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